Nawada Landscape Design
“Space has an atmosphere,
and what you put into it will color
your thinking and your awareness….
If an object is in the right place
it’s enhanced to grandeur.
More than that, it pleases the inner being
and that, I think, is very important.
That equals harmony”.
-Louise Nevelson: Atmospheres and Environments, 1980

At Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. (NLD, Inc.), we believe that the landscape is an extension of the character of a house. There is no template for a successful landscape design; rather it requires a trained eye to assess the traits of each unique property and a keen ear to understand the wishes of a client. Together these allow us to discover the 'Genius Loci,' or sense of place inherent in every property, and translate this into a compelling and coherent design.

Nawada Landscape Design understands that implementing a design successfully requires careful supervision of details and an understanding of the overall goal. We strive to provide outstanding customer service, with an emphasis on continuous communication and updates with our clients. To be truly successful, every relationship requires an ongoing dialogue from start to end.

We look forward to working with each and every client to create a practical and harmonious connection between his or her home and garden.

Nawada Landscape Design