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Needham Residence I

Our client's request was to develop a master plan for the entire property that consisted of walkways, a patio, a raised vegetable garden, an informal path along the side of the property, and naturalized plantings. The design process began from a blank palette. The existing earth that our clients referred to as the "moonscape" needed to be brought to life.

The patio was designed with a curved edge extending into the garden and stepping down onto a grass lawn. Natural Cleft Bluestone was laid as the surface. A fieldstone sitting wall was built to address grading issues and allow for additional seating.

Large New England boulders were brought in to create depth as well as a destination spot designed to entice you away from the house for recreation or relaxation. Natural fieldstone steppers were placed and interplanted with perennials to provide an informal path along the side of the property. Native and woodland plants were selected for the majority of the site with the occasional ornamental grass to provide form and texture.

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