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Testimonials from clients

"I first began working with Jenn Nawada of Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. three years ago. My husband and I were looking to completely re-do our landscaping and irrigation system for our acre lot. Not only did we want a complete do-over of our property but we wanted to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system into our irrigation system. The project had a huge scope: multiple projects with integrated teams working together on landscaping, irrigation, rainwater system and roof/gutter work.

"Jenn not only designed the entire landscaping project but she also managed the entire project ensuring a seamless transition between the different teams working on this project. Jenn was incredibly respectful of our interests in planting with local plants and rebuilding our little piece of our ecosystem. She was sensitive to how we use our yard in order to design space that was not only stunning to look at but fit our family's lifestyle and outdoor needs. I can't speak highly enough of the wonderful job Jenn did with this project. It was a great experience.

"Since the project finished she has been terrific at following up on any issues that come up - be it plantings, irrigation or the rainwater system that I can't remember how to turn on sometimes. She has never once tried to sidestep a concern I have had. I would recommend Jenn Nawada unconditionally for any project big or small that you may have. She is hands down top in her field."

- Lisa G. – Newtonville, MA July 2012 / View the project I / project II


"Bravo! The landscape was transformed from ugly to lovely in just a few days. Your knowledge, vision and expertise are only exceeded by your patience, diligence and understanding. I look forward to working with you in the future as you continue to assist us in the ongoing beautification process."

- Residences of Chestnut Hill – Newton Center, MA June 2005


"I have been meaning to write you a note forever to thank you a hundred times over for all your work. Things are starting to bloom, and we are so psyched to see all the plants in their full glory. Abby is just about big enough for her Nawada Landscape Design shirt...I think she will be wearing it this summer...thank you!."

- Becky "This Old House" – Bedford, MA May 2012 / View the project


"Thank you for making the front of the house so beautiful. We all love it. Last night we all stood outside admiring your work and this morning my mom and I had coffee as the dog ran through the front yard and we decided it was perfect."

- L-A – Brookline, MA July 2011 / View the project


"WE love our outdoor kitchen! Thank you so much for changing out all the
planters for my party. We had a glorious time as the weather broke and we were outside most of the time. I cut a lot of tulips for the buffet tables and everything looked great. Thank you so much. Will keep in touch."

- Carol – Brookline, MA May 2009 / View the project


"Nawada Landscape Design really is as good as it gets.

"We asked Jennifer to help us design a whole new landscape for a newly built house. She worked extremely well with the building contractors and the architect, pulling together a design that truly enhanced the site and building and working in a cooperative way as part of a larger project team. Jennifer was very responsive to my husband's desires for specific plants and collaborated with him actively so that the design fulfilled his dreams. At the same time, she met my needs and drew me into the process, even though I know almost nothing about plants and landscape design. I just wanted my home to look lovely.

"It wasn't until a full year passed that I fully understood the good work that Jennifer had done. The written plans came to life when I saw the lovely spring pastels, bright hues of summer, and golden fall colors. There were new surprises as the seasons changed and new plants came to flower as others died back. Everything seemed to be placed to catch the eye from the street, from the walkways or from the window. The shape and heights of the plants softened the strict lines of the house, and made it more beautiful. A joy!

"From a business perspective, I'd work with Nawada Landscape again. Everything was on budget and on schedule. A true professional!"

- Lynda S. – Newton, MA September 2012


"When I bought my house in Wellesley, the house I bought came with a small piece of property which had been neglected for years. I had no idea how to begin making my yard into the private sanctuary I envisioned.

"From the start, Jennifer, listened carefully to my ideas, adding her expertise in recommending appropriate plants for my site. Jennifer created a unique plan for the front yard, including new steps and a walkway, which maximizes the space and sues a great combination of textures, resulting in a serene, harmonious appearance.

"In the back yard, Jennifer and I worked together to reconfigure the bed lines, and she designed a new terrace and new plantings. Everything was installed carefully. And whenever I changed my mind or wanted to try something new, Jennifer was always gracious and helpful. I highly recommend this delightful company."

- Peggy – Wellesley, MA October 2009 / View the project


"I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer Nawada to anyone. My husband and I purchased our home in Wellesley last year and both our back and front yards were a mess.

"We asked Jennifer to provide us with a landscape design and an estimate for the work. We are thrilled with the result!

"Jennifer is a true professional who knows everything there is to know about plants. Futhermore she is efficient, reliable and has a delightful personality. She is a real pleasure to work with."

- Anna Maria – Wellesley, MA September 2007


"Yes, our new space is wonderful and we are really enjoying it. What a treat to smell the lilacs when I sit out on the deck! We are more than delighted with all the design/work that you did for us. So awesome and updated! ."

- Diane & John L. – Newton Highlands, MA May 2012

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